DCC Turns 3

Happy 3rd Birthday DCC! from Downtown Cornerstone Church on Vimeo.

Downtown Cornerstone Church just recently celebrated our third birthday. We made a video to tell about God’s provision in our lifes, our body, and our hearts.

We also just released an app which you can download here. http://get.theapp.co/7c78


Glasser x Totokaelo from Robin Stein on Vimeo.

An absolutely wonderful video featuring Glasser, shot by Robin Stein with Art Direction Ashley Helvey. Seen originally here with some added beautiful photos.



Sorry for the lack of consistency with this one. Took me a bit to get the photos off of my camera. Featured this week is David Schmidt’s handmade, under the eyes of Marty from Geekhouse, road bike. We went out or a morning ride two weeks ago, in a thick thick fog. Was awesome getting out and riding the Mercer Island Loop again, my favorite ride in Seattle. Be on the look out for a disposable series from that day as well. .





Orange Dream Machine. This bike was made for the Shred Club kits.

Music Mondays

I just received this album. I had pre-ordered it months ago and forgotten about it, but what a pleasant surprise. The artwork is so great, the record is blue vinyl, and this song makes me want to learn to tango so bad! I just can pick being in a sweet tuxedo, whisking around a snazzy dressed woman to this song. Modern yet class. Love what Monster Rally is doing. Enjoy.

*EDIT* I began searching around for images that represent this music and immediately thought of 50’s-60’s Modern Beach Houses. Somewhat futuristic and clean but also laid back.

Fashion Friday

So I know that I missed this weeks Weekly Wednesday Post – I have been crazy busy, so it will have to wait til next week. Instead I wanted to share some photos that have been keeping me inspired on the design side of things.

**EDIT** I’m seriously obsessed with the first photo in this post. I love the look. I’d never wear it, but there is just something so awesome about it. Maybe it’s the contrast between a flannel one of the most manly and casual things, and the slightly feminine extremely formal jacket it is paired with.


This is pretty rad.


Yellow Blog Strip

A good friend once commented to me, after viewing an Ann Demeulemeester collection, “where’s my yellow?” It’s a fantastic quote and has continued to stick in my mind. All black or all grey is great (I mostly wear just that) but it can get monotonous (pun intended?) Whether it’s muted, neon, goldenrod, ochre, whatever… working yellow into your outfit is fantastic.

Globe Trotter luggage case for J. Crew
Pleated Skirt street style photo
Men’s Pants by Hermes
Woven Bowl by Doug Johnston
text by me
Yellow Belt street style photo
Grey/Yellow skirt street style photo – le 21eme



This is just too funny to not post. I miss the beach. Thankfully, I live only a few blocks away from a lake that is swim-able in the summer. Rocks are not the same as sand, but they also don’t stick all over you either. Looking forward to warmer days, they are just around the corner.

Photo from Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom in case you didn’t already know.  My current obsession for a few reasons.

The font designed by Jessica Hirsche:


The costuming with emphasis on the amazing specs:


The soundtrack:

Okay so pretty much every single aspect of the movie! I love that my blog posts about things are a year after they have been out. I am certainly not the most current, but always relevant!

by Grace alone

Here is an image I created. The words are from a chorus I wrote.

Slow Club – Two Cousins

Someone posted this on facebook, and I felt the need to share. Pretty awesome original video.