Tyler Kitted Out At The Ballard Bowl from Laali on Vimeo.

Flashback Friday to what real cycling is… “Oh no” “Droppin ’em, bib time!”

Hold Fast – Be Still

tylerholdfast from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Here is my latest edit for Hold Fast. Since getting a new job at the start of summer this year, I have not gotten out to ride and film as much as I used to, but I am quite happy with how this turned out. Big thanks to Chris Clappe and Kareem Shehab for filming it for me and to Hold Fast for their support. 2013 was a big year for me in many ways off the bike, and I’m excited to continue seeing where God’s plan takes me.

I also recently dropped prices on my Be Still tee shirts (seen in almost every clip hahah). You can pick yours up here.


Song I wrote and recorded a while ago. Just uploaded it to Bandcamp a little bit ago.


I have always been a huge fan of bike checks, or beautiful bikes as John calls em. I wanted to showcase some of the beautiful rides I see around the beautiful city of Seattle… Starting with my own. Over the next 3 weeks I’ll be uploading photos of each of my bikes then friends/random ones I see around.

First up my Sizemore Commuter – This bike was built by Taylor for me for the 2009 Oregon Manifest bike builders challenge. It was an 88 mi on/off road course put together by Rapha, and man was it tough. This bike has seen a lot of miles, a lot of terrain, and a lot of air! I can’t help but jump it any chance I get.  Still going strong after 4 years!







Parts List after the jump.

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Summer Bike Check


I love getting a new bike, and the process of adjusting parts etc until it is dialed. Well my bike is officially dialed in. Feels so good, best FGFS bike I’ve ever ridden. You can see the images super big on my flickr, here.

Frame: Hold Fast Subverter 26″

Fork: Unknown

Bars: S & M Cruiser Slam

Grips: Cult

Stem: Cult

Headset: Resist

Seatpost: Demolition

Seat: Resist

Cranks: Profile 165mm

Pedals: Animal BPE w/ my sigature camo Hold Fast Straps

Sprocket: Tree 28t

Fr Wheel: Demo Bulimia to H Plus Son Todestrieb Rim

Bk Wheel: Resist Contact 9t to H Plus Son Todestrieb Rim

Fr Tire: DMR 2.4″

Bk Tire: Resist Nomad 2.25″


P.S. Glad my bike feel over towards the doc…


Happy 2nd Birthday DCC! from Downtown Cornerstone Church on Vimeo.

Downtown Cornerstone Church, or DCC, turned two a couple weeks ago. Peter and David got together and filmed a bunch of us reading scriptures as a reminder of what God’s done for us. I’m going to watch this video each day as a reminder of who I am now, in Christ.

I couldn’t be any more blessed to have become a member of this church. It’s a beautiful thing to be surrounded by people who are on mission to spread the gospel for God’s glory in Seattle. The support, love, and christlikeness of this group is something that I would not change for anything.


Chris and I went to the Beacon Hill skatepark on a beautiful morning following our bible study group. Got some fun clips, broke my chain on my bmx, and had a great time overall. This park is super fun to skate.


Shred Club is the name, shredding is the game. Sizemore Bicycle let me in on his lil secret, starting a team this year with emphasis on fun. We will be racing; we will be competitive (got to win getting the most air on the cross course!) It’s also an outlet for Taylor and myself to come together on a project that pushes both of us in terms of design. I am inexperienced at graphic design to say the least, but I found this beautiful image below that Jeremy Dunn took for John Watson at the Tour of California in 2012.

This dude looks like he is straight out of the 70’s. I couldn’t believe it: the type is so perfect, everything really in this photo is perfection. Instantly, I thought “Bro Cycling Team” has to be done. Created a lil hunting target style emblem up front and you have the first shirt for Shred Club. We will be doing more products by partnering with some of our sponsors and can’t wait to share them with you. Pick up one of these shirts HERE quick because you know they will go FAST!




Here is a rendition of One Righteous Man I composed for my my church, Downtown Cornerstone. It sounds much better with the full band and strings! Also, I don’t sing on Sundays so that part is better as well, but I hope you enjoy it none the less.