Do you even lounge, bro?  Introducing the brand new Geopolitan Party Jersey and Bibs from Shred Club. Inspired by Neapolitan ice cream and geometry. This kit is ready to shred your local roads or trails, and looks great while lounging. Made by Endo Customs in Los Angeles from high quality Italian fabric. The pre-Order ends August 5th and delivery will be approximately 6-8 weeks later. Order yours here!


Shred Club is not responsible for anything that happens while you #shredeverything.


Painting by El Greco 1560 A.D.

Stumbled across this poem I had written for Leah Dankertson’s blog, Rough Hewn last advent. Based on Romans 3:9-26

None is righteous, no not one.

No one understands
no one seeks God
All turned aside, worthless they have become
no one does good, not even one.
Their throat is an open grave,
they use their tongues to disobey
the venom of asps upon their lips.
Their mouth curses with bitterness.
Their feet are swift to shed blood
ruin and misery in the paths are done.
The way of peace they have not known;
no fear of God within their bones.


The righteousness of God manifested;
law and prophets bear witness to it.
Through faith in Christ those who believe
with no distinction, deemed free.
Propitiation by His Blood
and rescued from the sinful flood.
Righteousness shown at present time;
justified are those with faith in Thine.


Welp Valentino won… but only with looks 48-67



Coming soon…


Windowpane + Flannel Tux

When a beautiful jacket sits on a beautiful chair in a beautiful office. Since I can only add the jacket to my own personal possessions I think I will!

Seen at GQ.com


1 Year of Surfing in 1 Minute from Stephen Yao on Vimeo.

Seen on the Wilderness Collective website – make sure you go check out what they are doing. It’s Rad!


If your friday has been anything like mine, STRESSFUL, you could take a few minutes to listen to this and relax.


Saint Laurent
W A N T T H E S E. Maybe my xmas present to myself? Yea probably. SLP


IMG_3823 Round two of the bike check. This time it is my Hold Fast Subverter 26″. Love this thing. You can detailed list of parts here . IMG_3824 IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3821 IMG_3815

When Every Second Counts

You do your chain lubing while on the roll. This photo is rad on many levels. The mechanic, the photo itself, but mostly that dudes legs… Crazy.

Seen at Le Container