Hold Fast – Be Still

tylerholdfast from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Here is my latest edit for Hold Fast. Since getting a new job at the start of summer this year, I have not gotten out to ride and film as much as I used to, but I am quite happy with how this turned out. Big thanks to Chris Clappe and Kareem Shehab for filming it for me and to Hold Fast for their support. 2013 was a big year for me in many ways off the bike, and I’m excited to continue seeing where God’s plan takes me.

I also recently dropped prices on my Be Still tee shirts (seen in almost every clip hahah). You can pick yours up here.

The Pilgrim’s conflict with Sloth

Pilgrim’s Conflict with Sloth (with subtitles) from Desiring God on Vimeo.

John Piper is a wordsmith, whose forging and working his craft for God’s glory. Thankful for this man.

The Calvinist

What does a modern Calvinist live like? Pray like? Die like?

The Calvinist from Desiring God on Vimeo.

More here – http://desiringgod.org/calvinist

See him on his knees,
Hear his constant pleas:
Heart of ev’ry aim:
“Hallowed be Your name.”
See him in the Word,
Helpless, cool, unstirred,
Heaping on the pyre
Heed until the fire.
See him with his books:
Tree beside the brooks,
Drinking at the root
Till the branch bear fruit.
See him with his pen:
Written line, and then,
Better thought preferred,
Deep from in the Word.
See him in the square,
Kept from subtle snare:
Unrelenting sleuth
On the scent of truth.
See him on the street,
Seeking to entreat,
Meek and treasuring:
“Do you know my King?”
See him in dispute,
Firm and resolute,
Driven by the fame
Of his Father’s name.
See him at his trade.
Done. The plan is made.
Men will have his skills,
If the Father wills.
See him at his meal,
Praying now to feel
Thanks and, be it graced,
God in ev’ry taste.
See him with his child:
Has he ever smiled
Such a smile before,
Playing on the floor?
See him with his wife,
Parable for life:
In this sacred scene
She is heaven’s queen.
See him stray. He groans.
“One is true,” he owns.
“What is left to me?
See him in lament
“Should I now repent?”
“Yes. And then proclaim:
All is for my fame.”
See him worshipping.
Watch the sinner sing,
Spared the burning flood
Only by the blood.
See him on the shore:
“Whence this ocean store?”
“From your God above,
Thimbleful of love.”
See him now asleep.
Watch the helpless reap,
But no credit take,
Just as when awake.
See him nearing death.
Listen to his breath,
Through the ebbing pain:
Final whisper: “Gain!”

Freaky Friday

Wednesday was a weirdly awesome day for skateboarding. Here’s why:




Dustin O’Halloran live at [F]luister from Renier Mouthaan on Vimeo.

Moon Ate The Dark live at [F]luister from Renier Mouthaan on Vimeo.

Starlings from Renier Mouthaan on Vimeo.

Lidwine – No Monkey live at [F]luister from Renier Mouthaan on Vimeo.

Four Videos for your Friday by Renier Mouthan


The Encounter Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

The beauty of the shots and score are only surpassed by the realness of the narrators voice. The real pain and love and desire to hold these things as truth, passing on advice to a son who never really knew him. – “Never turn away from the right course because it’s hard. Above all love. Scrape out the bottom of your soul and love for all your worth, and when you find her risk everything.”

The Encounter Collection by Stephen Kenn explores the significant act of passing an object on from one generation to the next. It is in this exchange, accompanied by words of wisdom, that a boy is often called to a life of courage. While aware that everyone’s life experience is unique, and often painful, this film focuses on the experience of a boy losing his father and yet retaining the love and passion that was intended for him.

Process Creative


1 Year of Surfing in 1 Minute from Stephen Yao on Vimeo.

Seen on the Wilderness Collective website – make sure you go check out what they are doing. It’s Rad!

On The Cusp

RICHARD KELLEY – WAITING: A Decade of Life in the Grand Prix Pit Lane from Silly Thing on Vimeo.

This is life lived absolutely on the cusp photos and commentary by Richard Kelley
Seen originally at Defgrip

Grand Budapest hotel

YES CANNOT WAIT! How had I not seen this trailer until know. Has everyone else seen this?

Castello Cavalcanti

Wonderful new short film by Wes Anderson for Prada. Enjoy!

And don’t forget this gem from seasons past.