About Tyler Johnson


About Bloggingmiles:

This website  displays my personal interests including design, art, music, architecture and sports. It also allows me to showcase some of my own personal videos and press from riding Fixed Gear Freestyle and the fashion world.


Tyler Johnson, (b)loggingmiles.com

About me:

I LOVE JESUS! And better yet He loves us. My faith and trust in Jesus Christ is the number one most important thing about me.

Below you will find my experience in the cycling and fashion industries.

  • I  have designed two frames geometries and handlebars for SKYLMT in 2012.
  • I also designed a signature frame with Leader Bikes in 2010.
  • I love all action sports. I am constantly striving to push myself beyond what people think is possible on fixed gear bikes.


Fashion–  I worked as lead designer/buyer for the high end menswear boutique, Blackbird for two years, working there for a total of four. The previous two years were doing sales and modeling. I graduated with an associates degree in Fashion design, from the Art Institute of Seattle. Within the fashion world, I have also gotten to model for some large brands such as Stussy and TopMan. In May 2011, I was fortunate enough to shoot with Hedi Slimane, my biggest idol, for the Issue 13 of AnOther Man Magazine.
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