Soul Riders

Localiser : Clermont-Ferrand from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

I love this video from Soul Bmx Magazine that corresponds with an article they featured. These dues have great style. I especially love the pegless dude at the end. Riders are Théo De Olivera, Antoine Neuville, Sylvain “Badiss” Bony, Alex Garczinski, Maxime Dewey Triay, Adrien Rabat, William Naze and Killian Limousin.


Nike Batalla BCN from Nike BMX on Vimeo.

Nike took a trip to Barcelona with AK, Simone, Tunte, Joris, and Kerley and absolutely killed it. The original edit is above, amazing. And the Dig Extra’s edit is HERE and also so amazing. These dudes have an infinite amount of technical combinations. I can’t even begin to describe how influential AK and Simone are on me at the moment.


Chris and I went to the Beacon Hill skatepark on a beautiful morning following our bible study group. Got some fun clips, broke my chain on my bmx, and had a great time overall. This park is super fun to skate.


I was perusing through my old tumblr and stumbled across these photos. Man I love riding bikes. It is so fun to mess around doing tricks, jumping, going fast or just cruising with friends around the lake. My love of bikes has been life long and I expect it to continue forever. Hopefully, I get to share this love with some of you and go for a ride on my travels! Give me a bike, any kind, and I’ll have fun!

Or better yet let’s go ride dirtbikes!

I definitely miss getting out and riding at Glamis. That needs to happen next winter!

Pegs?!?!? But Why

If you follow me on instagram, follow me @tylermjohson, you may have noticed I posted a picture of my bike with pegs on it. After being a strong advocate for pegless fixed riding for many years, you may wonder why I decided to throw on the grind sticks. Well, for the same reason that I supported pegless riding – creativity. There are so many things that can be done without pegs, but even more options with them. My goal is to use them in typical ways on non typical set ups and hopefully in ways that aren’t being done on fixed. I can say one thing though, they make it much easier to carpool.

Also if you want some inspiration for riding pegs check below and also make sure you pick up Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD and watch Alex Kennedy destroy four peggery.

Four Down Park Sessions #2 – Ben Lewis from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

I will have hopefully have my next edit done at the end of this month. I’m excited to share some of the things I have been lucky enough to land on these things!


This is just so epicly rad. BMX originality is dope, especially when it involves going super fast and  gnarly.


GUERRA BMX – Seamus McKeon “Moose” Frame Promo from Vein BMX on Vimeo.

The crazy slider landings are super sick!

Two for Tuesday

Two Amazing videos. First up. BSD’s first installment of Living for The City

BSD ‘Living for the City’ Part One from BSD on Vimeo.

Then the park master and bike handler extraordinaire, Joe McKeag. Killing it for Bombtrack!

JOE MCKEAG FOR BOMBTRACK from Joe Mckeag on Vimeo.

Summer Shred by Tal Roberts

Was scrolling through the photos in my iPhoto and came across these photos Tal Roberts shot of me last time he was in town.  Couple angles of a wallride on the bmx, and of course no summer day is complete without a swim!

Video Roundup

Here are some high quality videos that John Prolly posted. Such good riding and good visuals.

Rapha NE Gentleman’s Race

2012 Rapha NE Gentlemen’s Race from RAPHA on Vimeo.

FFC BMX Hill Bomb

Bombing Hills from Brian Chu on Vimeo.


Then I’d like to add the video that got me stoked on track bikes, Andy’s part from MASH as a throwback.

Tony Hamlin Solace

This edit is so sickk. From the first line he’s going fast, doing stuff opposite and carrying speed into and out of tech lines. I am officially amped to ride.

Product Spotlight: Tony Hamlin Signature Solace Series from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.