Beginner BMX

Got the BMX rolling, and snagged this clip today. Maybe the 5th barspin I’ve thrown and really the only one where I’m moving very much hahaha.

beginner bmx from Tyler Johnson on Vimeo.

Dan Lacey :: Ty Morrow

This video had a profound impact on my desire to ride. It really showed me some sick technical stuff that I hadn’t seen people doing on bmx before (it was being done before, I just hadn’t really seen it). This is also around the time when I got into tricking on my fixed gear. So stoked on the rewinds that The Come Up has been doing lately.

I also thought that Ty Morrow was English for the longest time.

BMX :: Skate Combo

Chris Currie is quickly becoming one of my favorite riders. Here is an edit of what appears to be him shredding the park on both a board and a bike. Super sick rider for S&M Bikes.

(Check out that last shot, body double… Now re-watch and have a good laugh as they swap the hat back and forth.)

Mastroni Squeeze

Check out this sick photo of Mike Mastroni floating though a wild tight space. This is from last month’s issue of Ride BMX.

Photo by Devin Feil.

(also best part of this photo is his anklet lol)

Nike – AK – Simone

Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco took a trip to Tel Aviv to film this amazing edit for Nike Bmx. I am so stoked how this came out, and the filmed with Richard Forne who is responsible for a lot of the awesome european Mutiny Bikes videos. Check it out.

Simone and AK are both super tech and super clean. I’ll definitely be re-watching this for inspiration a few times.

Geoff Slattery – Ultimate DIY

DIY ramp setups are the most fun thing for me. You are not only able to be creative with the tricks you do, but you can let your imagination run wild and set up anything. We just found a new DIY spot that we are messing with and my mind is filled with ideas, although none are probably as gnarly as the stuff in here.

Our House

This is such a rad video. It’s FUN, has really really really good tricks, and oh yea its FUN… What riding should be.

All of the crank arm grind combos blow my mind!


Talk is cheap, but style’s for miles.

Chase Hawk has got it. Clean tricks that seem basic but are actually really difficult, oh and he makes them look better than anyone.

CULTCREW/ hawk01 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Devon Smillie Osiris Pro

I got to meet Devon while I was down at the FIXIE FACTORY in Long Beach. He is a super chill dude, and an amazing rider. He even mentioned this edit while we were at dinner, saying that it was just getting finished up by Christian. Check it out!

Devon Smillie = Pro. from Osiris BMX on Vimeo.

Nike in Texas

This is ridiculous. The Nike crew consists of 3 of the most progressive riders plus Nigel who’s got one of the cleanest styles out.  Garret Reynold’s line at 3:03 is the most insane style I have ever seen. I don’t think I have ever seen a full cab down stairs on a BMX before, and even if I have they have all been forgotten immediately after watching that one. So clean, so nose down. SICK