Dan Lacey :: Ty Morrow

This video had a profound impact on my desire to ride. It really showed me some sick technical stuff that I hadn’t seen people doing on bmx before (it was being done before, I just hadn’t really seen it). This is also around the time when I got into tricking on my fixed gear. So stoked on the rewinds that The Come Up has been doing lately.

I also thought that Ty Morrow was English for the longest time.

BMX :: Skate Combo

Chris Currie is quickly becoming one of my favorite riders. Here is an edit of what appears to be him shredding the park on both a board and a bike. Super sick rider for S&M Bikes.

(Check out that last shot, body double… Now re-watch and have a good laugh as they swap the hat back and forth.)

Dakota Roche x Cinema

Beating Adam22 to a BMX post will be the highlight of my day.

Dak’s hops are redonkulous.


Here is United’s web video, Down Time. Filmed after the release of This is United. Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, and Christian Rigal destroy everything in sight.

Afray Mixtape

I saw this on the Demolition blog. Really awesome mix of guys, throwing down amazing tricks. I am going to try my best to head to Sydney, Australia in February.

Andrew Jackson – Anytime Now

And BOOM, I am inspired. I had never heard of Andrew Jackson, but after this wow. One of my favorites.