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Tom and Torey

Tom and Torey are two of my favorite dudes and riders. I think I spy some SKYLMT bars on Tom’s bike.  Originally seen at WRAHW

Death of Barcelona

This edit came out rad. Lots of bill spills, a few good hammers, and a cool song. I really like all of Oscar Kahn’s tricks in this. Also Wonka’s tech line on the ledge was really impressive. Mike Schmitt has been killing the editing of his videos lately.

The Chariot

The only hardcore band that I still listen to, and would still go see live. I love The Chariot forever.

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Hero, a sons illustration of his father. 3.2 million dots. The patience and time that must have gone into this is astounding. Makes me fill silly for getting frustrated after 10 minutes of trying a trick.

All Glory Comes From…

Vans Rebel Jam- Defgrip Quote

Daring to begin. Great photo story @defgrip from the Vans Rebel Jam.

Dan Lacey at Rebel Jam

Dan Lacey getting an insane 360 to over icepick grind… WHAT!?!?!?!

Filter by Gravis

Well filmed, energetic, and HD. What more could you ask for. Oh yea and both of these guys style on and off the board rules..

Andrew Jackson – Anytime Now

And BOOM, I am inspired. I had never heard of Andrew Jackson, but after this wow. One of my favorites.

Last Quick Clip

I had posted this everyone except here. So here it is, the last quick clip before my SKYLMT part drops. XMAS Day.

We All Know His Name.

Second Song. We All Know His Name. Enjoy.