Summer Bike Check


I love getting a new bike, and the process of adjusting parts etc until it is dialed. Well my bike is officially dialed in. Feels so good, best FGFS bike I’ve ever ridden. You can see the images super big on my flickr, here.

Frame: Hold Fast Subverter 26″

Fork: Unknown

Bars: S & M Cruiser Slam

Grips: Cult

Stem: Cult

Headset: Resist

Seatpost: Demolition

Seat: Resist

Cranks: Profile 165mm

Pedals: Animal BPE w/ my sigature camo Hold Fast Straps

Sprocket: Tree 28t

Fr Wheel: Demo Bulimia to H Plus Son Todestrieb Rim

Bk Wheel: Resist Contact 9t to H Plus Son Todestrieb Rim

Fr Tire: DMR 2.4″

Bk Tire: Resist Nomad 2.25″


P.S. Glad my bike feel over towards the doc…


Shred Club is the name, shredding is the game. Sizemore Bicycle let me in on his lil secret, starting a team this year with emphasis on fun. We will be racing; we will be competitive (got to win getting the most air on the cross course!) It’s also an outlet for Taylor and myself to come together on a project that pushes both of us in terms of design. I am inexperienced at graphic design to say the least, but I found this beautiful image below that Jeremy Dunn took for John Watson at the Tour of California in 2012.

This dude looks like he is straight out of the 70’s. I couldn’t believe it: the type is so perfect, everything really in this photo is perfection. Instantly, I thought “Bro Cycling Team” has to be done. Created a lil hunting target style emblem up front and you have the first shirt for Shred Club. We will be doing more products by partnering with some of our sponsors and can’t wait to share them with you. Pick up one of these shirts HERE quick because you know they will go FAST!




This is my Hold Fast welcome to the team + bike check edit. Got cut a lil short because of my knee injury, but I hope you enjoy it!

Filmed and edited by Chris Clappe.


H PLUS SON | Tyler Johnson from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Went to LA to film with Matt for another HPLUSSON edit. Ended the day as quickly as we had started. Stoked Matt was able to put this together though. Thanks to Matt for his hospitality and driving me one block to get food since I couldn’t walk.

The cut is not very big, only about 3/4 diameter. But was directly on an old scar, so it was really deep. They stitched me up and xrayed to make sure I didn’t break my knee cap. The next day I literally could not walk. It was crazy. I had gotten stitches there before but this seemed like I had cut through a ligament. I went to the doctor one week ago once I got home to get the stitches removed. He said there is no immediate need for surgery, that things were damaged under my knee but he doesn’t believe I’ll need surgery. Another 5 weeks or so and I should be back to riding.


I was perusing through my old tumblr and stumbled across these photos. Man I love riding bikes. It is so fun to mess around doing tricks, jumping, going fast or just cruising with friends around the lake. My love of bikes has been life long and I expect it to continue forever. Hopefully, I get to share this love with some of you and go for a ride on my travels! Give me a bike, any kind, and I’ll have fun!

Or better yet let’s go ride dirtbikes!

I definitely miss getting out and riding at Glamis. That needs to happen next winter!

Pegs?!?!? But Why

If you follow me on instagram, follow me @tylermjohson, you may have noticed I posted a picture of my bike with pegs on it. After being a strong advocate for pegless fixed riding for many years, you may wonder why I decided to throw on the grind sticks. Well, for the same reason that I supported pegless riding – creativity. There are so many things that can be done without pegs, but even more options with them. My goal is to use them in typical ways on non typical set ups and hopefully in ways that aren’t being done on fixed. I can say one thing though, they make it much easier to carpool.

Also if you want some inspiration for riding pegs check below and also make sure you pick up Cult’s Talk is Cheap DVD and watch Alex Kennedy destroy four peggery.

Four Down Park Sessions #2 – Ben Lewis from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

I will have hopefully have my next edit done at the end of this month. I’m excited to share some of the things I have been lucky enough to land on these things!

Video Round – Up

I’ve been complaining about wanting more good fixed edits to come out, so instead of complaining I compiled some good ones from the past year! Grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and enjoy:

Torey Thornton BB17 2012 Bone Drone from breakbrake17 on Vimeo.

Tom La Marche Specialized 2012 from Uncle Buck on Vimeo.

SKYLMT: Matt Spencer from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

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Two for Tuesday

Two Amazing videos. First up. BSD’s first installment of Living for The City

BSD ‘Living for the City’ Part One from BSD on Vimeo.

Then the park master and bike handler extraordinaire, Joe McKeag. Killing it for Bombtrack!

JOE MCKEAG FOR BOMBTRACK from Joe Mckeag on Vimeo.

Summer Shred by Tal Roberts

Was scrolling through the photos in my iPhoto and came across these photos Tal Roberts shot of me last time he was in town.  Couple angles of a wallride on the bmx, and of course no summer day is complete without a swim!