H PLUS SON | Tyler Johnson from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Went to LA to film with Matt for another HPLUSSON edit. Ended the day as quickly as we had started. Stoked Matt was able to put this together though. Thanks to Matt for his hospitality and driving me one block to get food since I couldn’t walk.

The cut is not very big, only about 3/4 diameter. But was directly on an old scar, so it was really deep. They stitched me up and xrayed to make sure I didn’t break my knee cap. The next day I literally could not walk. It was crazy. I had gotten stitches there before but this seemed like I had cut through a ligament. I went to the doctor one week ago once I got home to get the stitches removed. He said there is no immediate need for surgery, that things were damaged under my knee but he doesn’t believe I’ll need surgery. Another 5 weeks or so and I should be back to riding.