A Few Top 5’s

So we’ve been discussing top 5’s at the Clappe household for a few days now, and I figured I would share some of my top 5s with you.

Tyler Johnson's Top 5

Top 5 Fav. Tricks:


Crank Arm Slide

Nose Manual

Axle Grinds

Wheelie 180 Barspin


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Top 5 Spots in Seattle:

South Lake Union


Garfield High


Capitol Hill


Top 5 Fav. Riders:

Nathan Williams

Christian Rigal

Mike Mastroni

Corey Martinez

Garrett Reeves


Top 5 Fav. Meals:

Biscuits and Gravy


Chicken Tacos

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Stuffed Peppers


Well there ¬†you have some top 5’s. If you are curious as to any other Top 5’s leave some requests as a comment!


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