Another Rough Song

Here is another song I wrote before this past summer, and decided to record today. The lyrics deal with the struggle I felt inside of giving up control of my life and submitting to Christ. It was only through my realization that I was rebelling and afraid of giving up this ‘control’ I have over my life that I was able to give that to Him. I remember distinctly the sermon Deacon Guisti gave that brought this to a clear tipping point for me. Enjoy.

A Foolish Son

Lyrics Below:

I can feel you guiding me Home.

But I don’t know if I want to go.

I’m fine on my own.

I’m fine all alone.

I can see that you are Hope,

but is it enough redeem my wayward soul?

And drag me forcefully home?

All the way back home…

I can see that you are Light,

but I dont know why I must fight.

Why I can’t give up control of my life…


For I am just a foolish son,

rebelling against the only one.

That will love me until I am done.

Who’ll love me like a son.

Who gave me his own,

so I may come home.

I can see that you are Truth.

And your my home, so what must I do?

There’s no life apart from you.

No there’s nothing at all, without you.

No there’s nothing at all, without you.

It’s all about You.

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