Baptism Video

Here is a video Peter Isaza put together of the recent Downtown Cornerstone Church baptisms! It couldn’t have turned out any better. A beautiful day that was beautifully captured and edited. So thankful and happy to be a part of this family, who is constantly on mission to spread the word and love of Jesus throughout this city.


08.16.2012 Baptisms from Downtown Cornerstone Church on Vimeo.


  1. Hey Tyler my name is Bryan Im in the Seattle and am a photographer and bike nut. I also gave my life to the lord a few years back and am super inspired to see that you have done the same. I’d love to meet up sometime and grab a coffee or pedal around.
    (425) 346-8983

  2. This is an outstanding video. Beautiful guys

  3. Joss Dakin says

    You don’t even know how much I needed to hear this.
    I got baptised about 15months ago now and have been really stuggling recently. Riding Fixed gears and being involved in the scene theres a lot of secular people who openly mocked me for my beliefs.
    To see someone as influential in the scene as you and Chris giving you life to Jesus has given me a new found surge of faith.
    Thank you.
    Keep riding and stay blessed.


    • Tyler Johnson says

      Hey Joss, thanks for the kind words. Yea it’s definitely a challenge but God calls us to be not of this world. To be counter cultural and influence others in that way. I’ll be praying for ya bro!


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