Picture 2 Quirky sad artist meets quirky sad actress and they fall in love – how could I not love this movie.  However there is so much more to it that really drew me in.  The use of photographs and narrative comparing love today to love of the past, the flashbacks, the music, the overall indie-ness and the dog.  Oh yes the dog. Such a small role, but such a great one!  They gave him the thoughts and emotions that we feel, and conveyed it through caption.  This is one movie you should watch.  Enjoy! Picture 1Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 7 There was a deeper connection that I felt to this movie and story through the captions of this cute lil dog. I can relate. Those were my thoughts and emotions. Oh how quickly I’d get swept away by the feeling of love, but not the choice of love. I used to seek my fulfillment totally from relationships (see first image) and then if things went well, I would most certainly hope that feeling lasted. Who wouldn’t?  The only problem is, and this is clearly displayed in this movie, we are broken. We cannot remain fully happy with someone if our happiness is based on them making us happy…We cannot view relationships with the same commercial mindset that we have come to view the world.  I’ll do this as long as I benefit from it, and when those benefits end, “I’m out.” No that cannot be how we live and love.  We must derive our love and happiness from something greater. That greater thing is an overflow of love and happiness from the grace, mercy and love of Jesus Christ. Only then are we free to choose to love someone without the worry that they’ll might not fully delight us (they will fail us – we will fail them), in fact we free them and ourselves from the heavy burden.

You can view a wonderful quote from the movie – here. I suggest reading it with the music I wrote playing.

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