I came to know Bradley Hathaway from going to a hardcore show whilst in high school. I remember the night clearly. Jeff and I were at Studio 7 to see The Chariot and As Cities Burn. Waiting between sets, we noticed some awesome shirts by a “band” called Bradley Hathaway of which we had never heard. Then all of a sudden a skinny long haired man begins doing poetry within the “pit”. Gathered attentively, Bradley’s words cascaded through the heads of those individuals who, at this point, had encompassed him in a ring of patience, awaiting each and every overly emphasized syllable. At the time, he became known to me for his comical hits “I am Hardcore” and “Manly Man” but he is most certainly centered upon one center, Christ. The jest filled songs gave way to spoken words about God’s love and grace, and today I fully appreciate that.

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