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When speaking of his most recent collection, Rick Owens used the term brutalism. Brutalism comes from the french term “béton brut” or raw concrete. It is a style of modern architecture popularized from the 1950s-1970s.  As inspirtation should be, this is not seen literally in the design of the clothing, but can be seen clearly in the palette used. Owens glamour and classical beauty really shined through in this most recent collection. He is from Hollywood, and I have no doubt that is constantly influencing him deep down. Frankly, I also just love the word BRUTAL, and think that him voicing that as a description for one of his softer more elegant collections is such a beautiful contradiction.

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As usual the fabrics are beautiful. It is something that I think can be overlooked in Owens’ collections because of the immense tailoring and intricate pattern-making. The man knows how to fit clothing, but most importantly he is using amazing fabrics for that clothing.

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