HUNT 3 – Trailer

Hunt3 Trailer from Deux North on Vimeo.

Dylan from Deux North hit me up to share the newest trailer for their next video, HUNT 3. Looks like some beautiful bikes, beautiful country roads, and beautiful footage! Can’t wait to see more. Here is what they had to say:

Deux North, a cycling brand started by brothers James and Dylan Nord, is out to tell a different kind of story. Using primarily short documentary films these stories aren’t just about racing or riding your bike; they are about the passion behind the obsession, the freedom felt while riding, and the things we learn about ourselves and others in the saddle. It’s the kind of story you have to go out and create, or in their words, hunt.

This is the trailer for Hunt 3, a third in a series of ten trips around the world that involve beautiful roads, fast bikes, surprising people, and a natural setting that’s quite different from the brand’s home in New York City. This particular trip took a group of 5 riders, or hunters, to upstate New York. Setting up camp outside of the small town of Boonville, they split time documenting the local lumberjack competition and hundreds of miles of gorgeous riding.”

Also don’t forget to check out their shop I love the socks!

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