Interior Love

So I have come to the realization that the more I make my home feel like just that, a home, the more I enjoy hanging out inside my apartment. I recently got the CB2 Endless Loop bed frame in Orange, thanks Mom and Grandma for the Bday present. It is awesome. I was worried it would make my room feel smaller to have my matteress off the floor but in fact it actually seems more spacious.

I also want to get one of the IKEA Expedite to put in my murphy bed closet, as there is no bed in there. I measured out the space and it would fit perfectly and give me tons of storage for books, shoes, and all the other crap jammed into my closet. It would also not be seen, so it’s would not be taking up any visual space either.

The biggest problem that I have in my apartment though is seating. I have only one real chair, and not everyone wants to sit on my bed. So I found these great Martin stackable, gotta save space, chairs that would be great to have for company on IKEA as well.

The last thing I am looking for is a very small desk. Think of what you had in grade school. Something that I can sit on my computer at, or maybe do some drawing but thats it. I would be able to get rid of my large desk, and have more space for seating. I found this desk on CB2, and its a great shape, but I am not a fan of the color. I guess I’ll just have to paint it.

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