Karmann Ghia

I am currently obsessing over the thought of owning an awesome late 60’s Karmann Ghia. It is a perfect car for me for a few reasons, not too expensive, looks amazing (more like an old Porsche or Alfa Romeo than a VW) and it’s got an engine that is easy to work on!  I can see myself now, blasting The Beach Boys and cruising around Seattle.

Here are some ones I love.

Dreaming over those car is great and I would consider relatively obtainable. But then of course I came to find this thing!

A Ghia with a Porsche 993 engine. I am so glad the retained the original shape and styling of this car, just slightly adding width to the fenders to fit the new drive train. The Porsche wheels look amazing on this as well. If there were a vintage styled James Bond movie made today, he could drive this car. Also, it has 321 horse power!

Finish it up with a video about the car. It’s in German, but still great.


  1. The wheels look like Jaguar. It looks old, but the serteing wheel is on the “US” side, so one possibility is a replica. A replica of what, I have no clue. Regardless, it *very* cool looking. Thanks!

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