Oh, My Beloved

I’ve been revisiting this album by Dust of Men and the song “Beloved” struck me as if I’m directly being spoken to.


Oh, my beloved I have wept for you
The pain and the heartache you’ve been walkin’ through
I see your troubles breakin’ you down
You’re lookin’ for somethin’ you still haven’t found
Take heart, I have overcome. Come and rest, here inside my love

Oh, my Father
Has given you to me
And long have I waited for your eyes to see
That my love is here oh, to make you new.
Open your heart to this love I have for you

In my heart, love burns like a fire
For you, my beloved, my desire
Run to me, run to me
My love will save you
Run to me, run to me
And I will heal your heart

Lift your eyes, lift your eyes
And see my glory
Lift your eyes, lift your eyes
And see I’ve come for you

Oh, my beloved

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