SF Island

John Prolly stopped by the island in SF today, across from the Justin Herman Plaza, site of the Red Bull RideNStyle event tomorrow and snapped a few pictures of me being silly doing footplants! Check them out below, and if you are in SF or San Jose you better be out at Ride N Style tomorrow. Foot Plant Grizz Air Foot Plant Grizz Air 2 Foot Plant Bar Spin SKYLMT is out in full force with our entire team in the RideNStyle trick competition tomorrow. Look out for the guys: Steven Jense, Matt Montoya, Miles Mathia, Matt Spencer and myself.


  1. footplant barspin is so insane.

  2. Tyler Johnson says

    Thanks Man, I have been thinking about doing both footplant barspin and pedal feeble 180barspin for a long time. Got them both in two days! Stoked.

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