So I sat down in the park yesterday to read Proverbs and try and get some inspiration for a new song. A song flowed out of those pages and into my mind, and the moment I got home a melody and composition flowed out of me. It’s amazing, the days, when I sit down and stuff just flows out of me vs. having to try hard to write something. Anywho the lyrics are below.

“When terror strikes you like a storm
becomes a whirlwind.
You will call upon,
but I will not answer.
The wise guidance wage war;
destroys within.
Their turning ways on
dread of disaster.
Man’s mind is like  deep sea
a rough water.
can’t be seen, is dark and
pulling under.
The terror of  a king devours us, 
empty within.
The growl of  lions,
the snap of thunder.”

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