SKYLMT SL-1 Available

So if you check any fixed gear blogs, I am sure you know that the SL-1 from SKYLMT is available now. I couldn’t be more happy to say those words. But I wanted to give a little more insight into what I was going for with the design of this bad boy.

When Colby and I decided to do a 26″ frame, I knew it needed to be light and strong. That is really a given for me, especially after I had Taylor Sizemore build me a a 29er fixed freestyle frame out of SuperTherm. The hardest part of the design of this bike was getting it to feel smaller and more nible than a 29er without it being too small. There is a fine line for 26’s to look proportioned and I truly believe I achieved that with this frame. I took measurements of my current 29er build at the time, everything you can think of: barend height from ground, standover, wheelbase, saddle from ground, distance from bb to bars, and put those measurements into consideration when coming up with the geo for the SL-1.

The end result, a frame that is exactly what I wanted it to be: light (frames are mid 4lbs), strong, proportioned, that rides well at all speeds and on all terrain. This isn’t a DJ frame being run fixed. It’s a fixed gear specific frame that would probably ride well as a DJ if you slammed your saddle!

Here are more specs:

Size Small
57.5cm Top Tube
44cm seat tube
38cm chainstay
14mm drop outs
25.4mm seat post required
130mm integrated headtube
Mid BB
HTA:73 degrees


  1. Jonathan Joudanin says

    Hello. I’m really thinking about getting the frame… I really think you guys achieved an awesome concept! (I also got the Skyscraper bars and I’m loving them!). I had a question to ask you, since you designed it, I don’t know if you could help me and tell me wich size would be best (or would you recommend) for a 5′ 10 tall person: a small or a medium? Thanking you in advance for your reply,
    Jonathan Joudanin

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