Stockholm Streetstyle

Here are some great recent photos by Caroline of Stockholm StreetStyle.

As you can tell, I really like when women mix men’s jackets or styling in with very feminine pieces. One of my favorite looks will always be big tough leather worn over a dress. Doc Marten’s on girls are always a favorite as well. These two things have been trending for a bit, but they are also kind of trend-less as punk and rock will always be around.

That is a great example of how to rock a suit as a women!


  1. Great pics — Stockholm Streetstyle is great. Love the Christopher Kane galaxy shirt and studded lapels.
    Have to say it’s very weird that we both not only ride fixed, BMX, have a predilection for Rick Owens and Japanese designers, enjoy women’s fashion, AND have similar tastes in music/design. I suppose the last 3 are relatively common to have, but through BMX/Fixed in there and you weed out 99% of people. Had to say something when I saw these.

    • Tyler Johnson says

      I think I mainly just like the women inside the clothing, and their clothing helps make them more attractive or appealing haha, but yes it is rare in the BMX/FIXED world but probably getting less and less so as time goes by…

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