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I love it when the various things I am into (fashion, cycling, music, skating, whatever) come together in beautiful ways like this Céline coat and the Rapha – Focus cycling kits. Match made in pastel Neapolitan heaven.  The fashion snaps were shot Adam Sinding of Le 21éme, and you can see more from Rapha – Focus here. What’s most ironic about this common thread, it was Adam who introduced me to Rapha way back in the day. I was still riding around on my Trek T1 trackbike. Oh how the world intertwines its webs.

Céline Coat by Adam Sinding for




So Prolly and Kyle have been rocking the #crossiefreestyle hastag hard this year (they are totally joking by the way), but it got me lurking around the interwebs for some Pro riders getting RAD. I found some gems to say the least! Seems Stybar is the European equivalent of Ty from Golden Saddle Cyclery, cept he’s been world champ 4 times!

And sometimes you need to scrub that speed while your in the air!

Below is one of the coolest cross videos I have ever seen. It’s an indoor cross race that features a kicker in the middle of the sand section, and logs as barriers. Most of the top pros are hopping the logs no problem. Notable kicker jumps at 9:37 and 10:32.  There is a steeple chase style race to start, but the men’s elite final starts at 7:00 if you want to skip ahead to the real shreddage!

Can’t wait to get my Sizemore single speed later this year. Looking forward to traveling with the cross bike in late 2013 and 2014. Also big stuff to come from Taylor and myself this year #shredclub for all the radness.