Tom and Torey

Tom and Torey are two of my favorite dudes and riders. I think I spy some SKYLMT bars on Tom’s bike.  Originally seen at WRAHW

Garrett Reynold x Cinema x Fiend

This is absolutely bonkers… Seen at FiendBMX.

Hold Fast Straps

As Jake Ricker (flickr – tumblr) was taking pictures of my bike for my Fixed Mag bike check, I asked him to snap a picture of my new straps that Hold Fast was nice enough to hook up for me.  You can never go wrong with all black straps, simple and they always look good.

I am super excited about the photos that Jake and I shot that day. Definitely make sure you snag issue 10 of Fixed Mag. I hear that it will be getting US distribution sometime soon, which is huge.

Big thanks to Hold Fast and Jake for helping me out.

NYC – Prolly

I asked John to post this on his tumblr so I can reblog it. This is a really great shot, and it shows what riding through the city is like. Whipping between cars is so much fun on a track bike, but gets really trick on a fgfs bike with 28” wide bars!


This is a photo of my great great grandparents and my great grandmother (child in back). My grandmother has been doing research on our family tree for years, and I find it really intriguing. This photo also just happens to be really awesome. I love the strange glow to the lighting, and the girls haircuts. Pretty eerie and awesome.

Josh Bedford – Mutiny

This photo of Josh Bedford for Mutiny Bikes is the epitome of BMX for me. There are so many sick details in it that just allow me to stare and stare and stare. His bike set up is really nice: Raw, black, and chrome are guaranteed to look good for all time. He’s rocking a top load stem and pegless, but I also like the amount of seat post he shows. Its weird details like that, the angle of peoples bars, sticker placement, and personal style that really make photos stand out to me. Finally, a good tucked bunny hop never goes out of style.

Support Yourself

This photo says it all. Support yourself.

Photo by John Prolly.



I try my best not to get mad or throw my bike, but sometimes frustration wins.

Grandmother Hipster

Grandmother Hipster: hightops, tank top, 5 panel, style.

Taken with disposable camera.


Sleeping quarters in Paris.

Sleeping quarters in Paris.

Taken with a disposable camera.